My Immigrant Story

My family emigrated to the USA when I was only a toddler. My parents, 2 older brother and I moved into a 2-Bedroom apartment in Newark, NJ to begin our lives as American citizens. I suppose the journey across the Atlantic Ocean wasn’t enough for me so at the age of 17, I left home to attend college at the University of Denver with barely enough money to pay my first quarter’s tuition and housing. I’m proud to say that I graduated with a degree in Elementary Education – in spite of working every spare hour of every day to pay tuition and with a minimal amount of sleep!
I think my determination came from my Mother. After living in our small apartment for a few months, she decided that she wanted a real home to live in. The problem was my parents had barely enough income to support us, let alone find a larger home to live in. On my mother’s bus ride home from her job in NYC, she saw a “For Rent” sign in a house window. On her next day off from work, she began her walk in search of the property. After many hours, she finally found it, knocked on the door and struggled in broken English to explain that she was interested in renting the home. Luckily, the homeowner was Italian and my Mother spoke fluent Italian. She explained she didn’t have enough money to pay a deposit and 1st month rent but she promised to pay in installments. He agreed and the next day, this kind man came to pick up my family and our few belongings to move to our new home. My father never underestimated the power of a woman after that!
As much as this story makes me proud, I believe that finding a home shouldn’t be that difficult! That’s why I love working in real estate. I am thrilled every day to help people of all walks of life and financial means to find their perfect home.

My Style

I’ve been told many times by my clients that I am direct but not pushy. It’s important to me to find the perfect property; sometimes it’s not even the one you expected! I will always be frank about the pros and cons of a home. The final decision is yours, but I will make sure that you have all the information you need to make the right decision for you.


After being married 35 years to the same man, I know a little about communication!! You and I will decide what type of communication we have – telephone, email, text or in person meetings. You let me know what works best for you. We are a team, working toward the same goals. I expect that you communicate what’s important to you, and I will do the same.


I’ve been selling real estate in the Denver Metro Area for 24 years and I have worked hard to be an agent that other agents want to work with on a transaction. I have accomplished this by being honest, friendly, knowledgeable and consistent. Networking between agents is key in finding unlisted properties for sale, especially in a seller’s market with low inventory.